Nikon F3

35mm film printed on Pictorico digital negative and gum bichromate process on Arches Platine or Hahnemühle platinum rag

1999, 2020

I visited Venice in 1999, before the Euro and before cell phones. We took the overnight train from Rome to Venice, and arrived exhausted as the sun rose, having slept sitting up in a 6-person car with four complete strangers (all male, so there was no way I was falling asleep). Arriving that early, we were able to wander the city alone and see it the way few people do. Our day lasted well into the night, and ended on San Marco Piazza with a bottle of wine and watching a free concert. We tipped the last of our lira.

a gondolieri waiting with his gondola for the next ride
boats parked on the side of buildings on a canal in Venice
two buscars in San Marco Piazza
two women looking out an upstairs window on a building that has a shrine to the Virgin Mother
laundry hanging up to dry in the non-tourist parts of Venice
St Mark's Basilica in Venice