Time-Based Art


Diana toy camera, Holga toy camera, Mamiya C3 field camera

archival digital print on Epson fine art paper

2006 – 2019

I want to pull the viewer out of the assumption that an image is in some way an objective representation of anything. I create narratives in the overlap of moments in time through in-camera composition. Holgas and Dianas are notoriously unpredictable, with light leaks and error adding elements of surprise. In a way, each piece is a collaboration between myself and the camera I brought with me that day.

Panoramic image of a shop on the Olympic Coast.
panoramic image of Krueger Farm, Portland, OR
medium format print of gas station pumps
a landscape of overlapping images of a street in Yucatan, Mexico
Cimetière du Montparnasse
panoramic that goes from electric substation to geodesic dome
panoramic that overlaps windows and solar flare with broken window
sand castles