Medium Format


Diana and Holga toy cameras, Mamiya C3 field camera
Film Process

Kodak 120mm color slide film cross-processed, Ilford 120mm color negative film
Printing Process

Gum bichromate on Arches Platine or Hahnemühle platinum rag

2003 – 2020

Most of these images were shot with my collection of vintage medium-format cameras on 120mm film. I still love the uncertainty of shooting film and the magic of getting that roll back from the lab.

Cotswold Church and graveyard
Cotswold church doorway
medium-format image of trees and combed sand in a zen garden.
The Japanese Zen Garden in Portland, OR. A series of stepping stones with bamboo fencing in front.
Savannah balancing on driftwood with the waves of Oregon beaches behind her.
guy at the store with a large umbrella and it's not raining
Two people admiring a waterfall that appears to defy gravity
mannequins of the 'ideal' woman that look like they're marching past you
Cimetière du Montparnasse
circles and solar flare
saboe shaped cars at a tulip farm
a babboon at the zoo up against the fence pleading to be let out
myself and Erik in a mirror
bees and glass flowers
a bantam chicken in a red chicken coop
someone sharpied a face on a bunch of wooden eggs, dressed them like red nuns, and put them on pedestals
man standing at empty phone booth
sunken bowl in koi pond
tulip farm with a large oak tree in the distance